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How To Set Password In WinRar File

Here i show you how to set password in WinRar file,you can set it on any file open only when you enter your password.
First select Folder/Folders or File/Files you want to make Rar.your file must be unzipped,not already in .Rar format in this tutorial i setect folder name

# Assuming you already have WinRar installed,right click and go to “Add to archive”

# Assuming you already have WinRar installed,right click and go to “Add to archive”

# When that comes up, go to the second tab, which is “Advanced” and hit “set password”

# Enter the password you want,here i am enter password and hit OK

# Again Hit OK on main Tab

# Here you see file in WinRar Format, Which open only when i enter my Password

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  1. Great information provided. I am quite new to winrar and wanted to compress the file. Whenever I tried to convert I noticed it only compressed little. I cannot set the passwords too.Your postings are of extreme help
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  2. Thanks this worked great.

  3. Yesterday I extracted my rar files and saw an crc error at extracting. I didn’t know what to do then. But luckily a friend called me up and recommended me – how to repair winrar files. It helped me very rapidly and free of charge as I bore in mind. Besides it helped my aunt and she thanked me a lot.

  4. thank u 4 ur information buddy

  5. Rar archives has many minuses. First of them, they frequent break or corrupt. And this trouble disturbed me too some weeks ago. One program rescued me then and would cope with such problem as well – open corrupted winrar file.

  6. Well after all simona is better but thanks !

  7. How to disable Organize password in win xp….plz help

  8. know to setup password in RCC files?

  9. If I have a folder with many pictures inside, and I want the folder locked, NOT the individual pictures to be locked.
    I want to type in password to access to inside the folder, but it’s too much work to be having to enter password in order to view each picture. That’s what 7zip and WinRAR seems to do.
    I don’t know how to set it otherwise, or if that’s even possible.
    Help please?
    Nope it doesn’t work Paul, thanks though.
    I’ve also tried highlighting all and right click to “view file”, doesn’t work either.

  10. simply complicated

    I need to paste something into a different file, but I cant find a paste option with WinRar. Help?

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