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How To Make WinRAR Extract .iso Files

How To Make WinRAR Extract .iso Files

Download WinRaR and Run The Installer


Then Click “Install”

Now wait til it finishes:

Now this is what you should see:

Now Change them to:

Now Click “OK”



If you have it installed follow this steps:

Open WinRAR,
After that you should see this:


Go to Options – Preferences

You should see this:

Now go to the Integration Tab.

This is the Default:

Now Change them to:

DONE! Now WinRAR should act in front of .iso files as a .rar or .zip file


  1. Couple days ago I downloaded many rar archives with software inside. But almost all of them were crashed reason of a computer virus attack. I was disappointed but not for a long time,because of suddenly I detected the like utility – rar fixing. To my great surprise it determined my trouble for seconds and free of charge as I bore in mind.

  2. Try to open iso file using winrar, had done all the steps but when i try to open it, it keeps telling me “The archive is either unknown format or damaged”

  3. A thousand blessings, just been installing LiveControl ALL DAY and was in no need for a hassle with this iso>>winrar issue. You made sure I didnt have to with this handy forum, and for that. We say thank you.

  4. when i try to extract the iso file for my game it says that i dont have the right volume and it allows me to search for it through my computer but i do not know what i am looking for…. and i need this file so i can mount it

  5. So, I downloaded NBA 2K12 for my PSP. And it is a winrar file. So, do i have to extract it or do i just put it in my psp. Because when i extracted it only 2 things came out, a folder that says PSP_GAME and UMD_DATA. So how do I get the file to make it an ISO or Cso file?

  6. i need to download winrar and im wondering if it takes up a lot of memory? also, if i do download it, how do i extract two .rar files to change it into .cso or .iso? thanks!

  7. I download games torrents and try out the first few levels and if I like the game I go buy it so I can play online with / against people. However its been awhile since I tried to do this. I download Supreme Commander 2 and instead of 1 iso image it was uploaded in a bunch of smaller files. I have tried using winzip and winrar to extract them and it has not worked. winrar did make it into 1 file but it was a Winrar.Zip file. What program should I use and/or what am I doing wrong with the ones I tried?

  8. please read the entire thing:
    okay, so i downloaded the newest version of dolphin and everything you need to make it work. i also downloaded pokemon xd gale of darkness for the emulator and to make it work i did the following: downloaded all the parts, extracted the files from the 4 parts, extracted the game from the many .rar files that came up, and i got a .gmc game file that worked and ive beeen playing it since. i am now trying to download fire emblem: path of radiance for gamecube, and ive tried 6 different websites and links , and everytime this is what happens: download, extract the game files (.rar files) and i get another file with a. .rar extention with over 1,000,000 bytes. it says its an .iso and everytime i click it or try to extract the file, i get an error message saying the archive is in either unknown format or damaged. i have tried 6 times, twice each from 6 different websites, so im pretty sure its not the links thats messing me up. i also tried it with 7-zip, and nothing worked. and i tried to change the extension but i dont know how, and i dont think i can. help would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU
    to matt attack: the iso file has a winrar icon, can i still mount it do you know?
    matt attack: i have windows 7. i mounted the file with that program but when i go to the drive, it says file corrupted. im not sure if i did it right tho

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