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How To Increase Utorrent Speed

uTorrent is a powerful and efficient BitTorrent client for Windows.
In this post i show you how to increase uTorrent speed upto 70% in just 6 easy steps.

Lets get started…

If you don’t have Utorrent, Get it from here…

Open it up and follow these Screenshots.

1. First go to main screen,Slect the torrent what you want to download

2.Go to Options then Preferences

3.Go to Advanced

If anything here is below 80, Change the values to 80.

Please follow the Screenshoots

4.Click Ok ! Again go to Prefernces and then BitTorrent
change the value as shown in figure

Click Ok !!

5.Then Right click the file like i did with the one in Utorrent and go to Bandwidth Allocation Set at High

6.Then Right Click on logger click on Log Peer Traffic

That is it, You have just tweaked the speed of Utorrent by 70%!


  1. didn’t work for me speed is still fluctuating around 28 KBps.
    Is it because i am using version 1.8.5? plz hlp

  2. that made all my speeds drop to 0.1 or 0

  3. Made my speeds increase by over 200%! Follow instructions carefully…

  4. bull fucking shit i just followed the instructions and got 300 kbs and now im back down to 20 kbs wtf

  5. I jumped from 740k to 1.5MB and I have the Comcast 15mb download. This worked WONDERS using Bit-torrent v6.2 on Windows XP AND Windows 7. In less than an hour, I will have my latest comic books (2.81 GB!)! Follow the instructions CAREFULLY, you dorks!

  6. YES… !!! it works it you are great…Thank u…

  7. I am unable to right click on the Logger ..Nothing opens up when i do so..Pls help

  8. jesus i went from 40 kb/s to over 400

  9. went from .01 kb/sec to 175!!!! THANKS follow instructions perfectly!

  10. Nothing workes.. Same speed…!!!

    Even tried on latest version..@

  11. Dude, it worked for me. From 30 KBs up to 200. But still I do not understand why I can’t download up to my maximum bandwidth. Thanks for the tips.

  12. Went slower. From 8kb, to 0.3

    then again im in a fight over 160 leechers from 11 seeders.

  13. Works wonders. Went from around 25 Kb/s to between 250 Kb/s – 400 Kb/s

  14. Mine has a huge fluctuation between 10 Kb/s all the way to 400 Kb/s

  15. Hey it does work!

    I was at 10KB
    Now im at 100KB at least…

    Problem it drops then goes back up frquently but hey, thats how downloads work!

  16. It did not work. i was at 30kbps and i am now still at 30kbps. please tell me the version being used in which the change worked. mine is 1.7.7

  17. it does not works for me still having 30kbps only by following instructions carefully

  18. Its GREAT MAN! It worked very well for me too. My seeders went up and my download speed was 1.0kbps to 9 kbps. After following the above instructions, my DOWNLOAD SPEED went up to 105kbps which is still increasing slowly slowly. Thanks a lot genuis mind!

  19. this worked great! many thanks!

  20. all of you said it works…tell us what type of torrent & version…

    is it utorrent or bit-torrent?

    what version?

  21. hey guys!

    most of you are saying it works…

    could please tell us what kind of torrent?

    is it utorrent or bit-torrent?

    what version?

    port connection used?

    do i set to default/random or need to put specific number?

    my download speed maximum is 59 kb/s…

    im using utorrent 1.8.2

    please guys im waiting for reply…thanks….

  22. Hey guys! i changed my utorrent version from 1.8.5 to 1.7.7 in the example image shown but still 57-59 kb/s…im here right now in ksa and im using LAN connection…Our connection provider is STC and our connection is 512mb (DSL connection)…please guys… :(

    Thanks! Have a great day to all of you!!!

  23. DUDE!!!!!
    4 to 417 kb/s!!!!!!!!!!

    oh, now it’s 1 kbs…

  24. mahendravarma

    hi i am having the utorrent version of there is no options in bittorrent no.of connections. can i get with this version.plz reply me

  25. thanx a lot buddy my speed jumped from 20 to 50 kB/s
    once again thanx ……
    P.S increase net max half open to 500,works even better.
    All those who say doesn’t work try again more carefully,it’s worth it!!!

  26. you rock man great ………………………………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. I’m using 2.0 version.. It’s not working.. somebody help me..

  28. hey guys!

    most of you are saying it works…

    could please tell us what kind of torrent?

    is it utorrent 2.0? this is mine.

    what version?

    port connection used?

    do i set to default/random or need to put specific number?

    my download speed maximum is 29 kb/s…

    please guys im waiting for reply…thanks….

  29. Worked great with my 2.0 version. Went from 300 kB/s to 1,3 mB/s

  30. am not able to right click on logger

  31. Worked with my 2.0.2 version.
    I was downloading something with 100 seeds and this increased it by at least 3 times. I wasn’t able to do the logger thing.

  32. heyy!!! guyzz pls someone help me out
    when i right click on logger nothin happens…….
    how to open it???
    pls post ur suggestion here or mail me at

  33. hey guys….
    ur broadband speed and selecting torrent rules all…..changing these will upgrade oly to few..
    if u want then select gud seed torrents and seed it finally..

  34. *gasp*
    Went from 3KB/s….

  35. In d last step I right Clicked on d logger but nothing happened.I couldn’t find Log Peer traffic.Please help?

  36. not at all working ………… downloads stopped at oncce.speed fell flat to 0kbps/sec

  37. if anyone knows about it 100 % please contact me on email please i did but nothing happened i have newer version…

  38. thanx a ton man. i usd 2 get 30kbps normally.nw its jumped to 1.8mbps average……..

    great work man.really

    thanx a ton

  39. great work man…you are genius..i got 200% increase in speed

  40. hey in my bit torrent option that global number of of connections is not there and also that maximum number of connected peers per torrent.
    and when i am clicking on that that logger that log peer traffic is also not there can u help me

  41. i dont get speed infact now i got 0 speed.. plz guy’s help me out from this problem….

  42. Em using uTorrent 3.0 (build 25327) [ 32 bits ]
    But nothing much has happened…..

    Is this Because em using a latest version???
    If so then please do upload the trick for latest version….


  43. No Change for me guys… am stuck at same speed


  44. its awesome from 70kbps it took to 290kbps

  45. it didnt work for me.. im using 2mbps (mega bits per second) plan and my normal download speed is 200kBps (kilo bytes per second). It is maximum i can get using this plan. How am i supposed to increase this to 400kB/s or 700kB/s or 1mB/s [ which exceeds my allocated bandwidth ]. I wonder how you guys get such increase in the speed despite it exceeds your allocated bandwidth.. pls, someone explain!!

  46. stuck at the same speed :(

  47. it decreased my speed

  48. thanks, i jumped 30kbps to 900kbps …..


  50. guys logger mein right click nahi ho raha hai
    kya karu plz guys some
    1 help me

  51. i could not find no of torrets in 2.0

    plzzzz help

    i need it badly

  52. I have better solution
    speed upto 2000kbps or 2mbps

    if you need my solution then

    contact me at

  53. No, this is Totally wrong . The trackers will not work properly.
    If you want optimum speed – go to set up and then “RUN TEST” and then click save . Else just leave it with the default values

  54. hi pls tell……i am not able to do right click on logger….pls how to??

  55. pls tell….i am not able to do right click on logger …i am on same version of u torrent …..pls tell how to

  56. Followed instructions, Downloading of Demonoid and I am Dl’ing at 1.8Mb/s So Great job

  57. it is better than before but not too good

  58. Hey.. It’s not going beyond 28kbps

  59. Not working in utorrent 3.0

  60. I went from 40kbps to 450kbps


  61. getting no connection to seeds or peers after doing this

  62. saksham jain man omg dont do right click on the logger button, just click on logger and make right click a little down in the white box!!!

  63. worked so well i actually went out of my way to post a comment….went from about 50 kb/s to >500 kb/s

    thanks a thousand times over

  64. im using utorrnet 3.0 its doesnt works for it can u tell me another method plzzzzzzzzzzz.


  66. which version man!!>>??

  67. i dont have all the options like bt .auto_ul_sampl_average/window in advanced feature so didn’t work for me ,i have bittorrent 7.2.1 ,also when i go to logger there are many options coming which i have marked ,hence there are a lot of details and encrypt handshake b/w the servers ,need help……plzz

  68. did not work for me.. the speed just keeps fluctuating

  69. Hey guys i wanna ask help to anyone who has been able to do it and increasing their speed considerably,plz on

  70. Please…

    The Bandwidth Allocation settings in uTorrent simply allocate a higher or lower bandwidth priority to specific torrents *relatively to each other* in your torrent list.

    It does *absolutely nothing* in regards to external programs, or to the combined speed of your torrents, or to the conditions of your Internet connection (obviously).

    As for the advanced net.max_halfopen setting, unless your OS supports that number of simultaneous physical connections or is adequately modified to do so, the only thing it’ll accomplish with a value of 80 is to create a bottleneck that’ll affect the performance of your whole Internet connection adversely, including uTorrent. Think timeouts and web pages not loading, lower speeds, among others.

    The same can pretty much be said about setting the global and per torrent maximum number of connections to such a high value of 500. And I won’t even comment about the possibility of trying to put that through the average home router!

    Frankly, most or all of the above guide is way off base and plain wrong. Sorry for my sincerity.

    Anyone who doubts anything I wrote needs only to confirm it from the official uTorrent documentation, its official site and the people who code it, not to mention, anyone with real computer technical knowledge…

  71. I already had decent download speeds (approx. 1mb/s) but this boosted it to around 1.7. It helps, but remember, low download speeds are often the result of a low amount of seeders, so make sure you look into that before blaming your BitTorrent settings

  72. went from 100-500 kb/s to 1-2 mb/s

  73. this sucks i went from 117 seeds to 20 seed from this crap

  74. there is no option for no. of connections in bittorrent in my u-torrent vesrion 2.2.1

  75. there is no option for no. of connections in bittorrent in my u-torrent version 2.2.1……pls help me

  76. My bit torrent stopped working after doing this. And some options are not available in my torrent . Can you please tell which version is this .

  77. i m getting the same speed infact my upload speed is increased…….

  78. OMG thank you sooo much finished a 12GB download in like 15mins instead of 2 days :D

  79. Worked great, from 25 to 100+ !!!

  80. thanx guy . my speed .1 to 20kbps .keep dooing.

  81. any justification on this? reasons behind modifying the figures?


  82. Works great, my speeds went from 125 kb to a whopping 1.5 mb it’s nuts makes everything download at least 3 times as fast.

  83. utorrent 3.0 – Win 32

    From 36-48kbps w/ 8 connected peers

    To 200-350kbps w/ 25 connected peers

  84. Holy hell!
    From 30-50 kbps
    To 1.5-2.2 mbps

    My internet’s 19mbps dl – 5mbps up, so browsing with IE9 is still running at normal speed.

  85. Please help me it doesn’t work for me can you make another tutorial fo utorrent 3.0
    THANK YOU !!!

  86. yes, this work perfectly…thank you very much….

  87. yes this work perfectly…thank you very much…

  88. works perfect….my download speeds never drops below 40KB/S

  89. yeh! its a nice trick thankyouuuuu
    veryyyyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhhhh my download speed has increased!

  90. Amazing, I am using utorrent 3.0 and I am downloading a 12Gb. with more than 200 seeds but i would only get connected to 20 and have a 5 kB/s speed, now I have more than 140 seeds connected and speed increased to more than 30 kB/s. The problem is that it fluctuates a lot.

  91. Hi. I am having some trouble with utorrent on my new laptop. For some reason no matter what I do I cannot unblock utorrent. I disabled the firewall, completely, and still can’t get through. Its not my connection, I could download torrents on my desktop that has xp on it easy, but my laptop has 7 and keeps getting access is denied message. Any help you guys could give would be great. Thanks in advance.

  92. My speed is too can i increase it free?

  93. I have connection an internet type of xx/2mbit but with utorrent/vuze (I have both) I can only get a max of 50kbps I am not actually sure on how this all works but any help to speed up my client would be much appreciated

  94. my utorrent is at a snail speed, can anyone tell me in steps how to increase the speed. Thanks

  95. Its not in my list of installed or programs but I have an utorrent Icon at the bottom of my screen where the battery is. I kept trying to download some old music and I click download and it didn’t go to utorrent, Well it didn’t really appear anywhere. I tried downloading utorrent a couple or times did the same thing. I have a norton virus protector amd everything. How do I get utorrent completely off my computer, I have feeling somethings downloading I just can’t see it???

  96. i am downloading a movie for 60 kb/sec … i want to increase its speed and my broad brand speed is 512kbps

  97. or tell a software which downloads torrents fastest

  98. In utorrent, after it’s done downloading and such, I right click and click remove torrent + data, but if I click search and look for it, and I have to delete it and it just takes up alot of time, is there anyway to completely delete it without having to delete it in utorrent, and then again from search
    What do you mean by “You need to delete it from the folder where it is being downloaded or IS downloaded.”
    Ankit, L2 read descriptions.

  99. ok so i create a torrent and add the tracker and post it to a torrent site and all that good stuff but in the utorrent client it says that i am downloading my own torrent and it has stayed at 0% downloaded for a day now…

    am i doing something wrong? why wont it seed? i figure i have all the files intended to upload on my computer already so what is it trying to download? and why cant it download it?

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