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How to change proxy in FireFox

How to change proxy in FireFox
You can change proxy in firefox easily to surf the Internet Anonymously or surf blocked Websites in your country.

How to change proxy in FireFox

save those proxies in a notepad file, name it as proxylist1.txt or any u want.

How to change proxy in FireFox
now do these steps to change proxies:
Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Network -> Connections -> settings.
then click on manual proxy configuration.
How to change proxy in FireFox
How to change proxy in FireFox

Enter the proxy and the port from the file u just saved (proxylist1.txt) and click on Use this proxy server for all protocols.
click on OK.
How to change proxy in FireFox
go to this site and check your new IP address
For best results, always use fresh proxies. Google for more proxies.
about the speeds: download speeds will depend upon the proxies.
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  1. i am using ultrasurf and every time i open google chrome i need to change the proxy server setting of my chrome browser (address & port)

    is there any way to save this proxy server setting permanently? so that every time i open my chrome browser i dont need to configure it anymore

    thanks in advance

  2. So I have this problem since morning when I open the internet browser it says” unable to connect to proxy server”
    Someone told me to remove it but I didn’t know how

  3. Any proxy servers that I have found (even the ones which people claim “work good”) won’t let me navigate though the functions of websites. For example some links on the page won’t work at all when you click on them. How do you use a proxy server which ACTUALLY works?

  4. I am trying to find a proxy server that will allow me to register at sites, download and upload files, and post to a discussion board. Can anyone recommend a free proxy that allows this?

  5. I am wanting to setup a web proxy on my home computer. I want to go into Internet Explorer options, and setup a proxy server address to use for the internet. What is a good proxy server to use? I want to be on a machine in a different location, building, and be able to use my proxy to pull webpages, not the networs.

  6. I downloaded Firefox but when I try to access the Internet, I get a message that I need to “check proxy server settings.” Assuming that means I need to make a change, I followed the instructions I could find to change proxy server settings, only to be presented with a couple of spaces that require filling in proxy server ADDRESS and PORT NUMBER!!!!!!!! Who’s gonna know Firefox’s address or port number??????? They don’t show up anywhere on Firefox’s website—I’ve been searching it for 6 hours!

    Hopefully someone out there knows where to find this information because I’m guessing I won’t be able to use Firefox unless I can fill it in. Did all of you have to go through this nonsense, too?

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